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Mobile Workforce A.I.Engine

Increase operational efficiency by auto-assigning tasks and reducing manual errors

Automated Job Allocation in trackoneapp

Automated Job Allocation

Reduce operational costs with a self- learning BOT that allocates and schedules jobs intelligently based on ETA, geography and quality scoring

Quality Scoring of field workforce

Quality Scoring

Give quality scoring to every member of your field workforce using Trackone's intelligent engine

Fraud Detection on field workforce management

Fraud Detection

Protect the safety of your workforce by detecting malicious intent and activity

Field Force Automation Cloud Dashboard

All in one, web and app-based dashboard that manages your field workforce in real-time
and keeps you notified based on custom health indicators

  • Worforce Management
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Advanced Reporting
Manage field staff attendance
Workforce Management

Onboard teams, auto-assign tasks, manage schedules and live-track productivity metrics, all on one single platform

Get real time data of field work
Real-Time Tracking

Live track your mobile workforce on a map, get instant delay alerts & notifications, and set geographical boundaries to manage your ground workforce effectively

Field Workforce Analytics
Advanced Reporting

Get advanced data processing & analytics, tailor-made reporting and customer-centric dashboards

Field Service Workforce App

User-friendly, icon-based app that can be used by every member of your workforce, regardless of
their native language or and educational background.

  • Icon Based Design
  • Track & Trace
  • Payment Collection

Be assured that every field workforce uses this app irrespective of their language and educational capabilities as the app is completely icon based for ease of use

Icon Based Mobile App
Track & Trace

Establish one-tap communication between partners and customers, monitor every activity and track Proof of Delivery

Live work tracking tool
Payment Collection

Create invoices on the fly, collect payments in Cash, Card or E-Wallet, provide hardware support and promote discounts/offers

Payment Gateway

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