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How to Write a Field Service Report

How to Write a Field Service Report

We live in a world filled with people who love instant gratification. Gone are the days when we used to scout the bookstores every week to find if the latest book from our favorite author has hit the shelves. Now, we preorder and forget about the book which reaches our door automagically.  Every product or service in the modern world relies on a strong task force who will go the extra mile to deliver the happiness to their customers. Both the task force and the management team rely on Field Service Report to improve their efficiency and profitability respectively.

Every Field Service Report, irrespective of the industry has to collect or populate the following information to make full use of the data.

  1. Customer Data

Customer Data contains the name, address and contact details of the customer. Be it delivery or a service visit, this data will help the task force to connect with the customer. From the business standpoint, this helps to understand more about the customers who interact with the business.  This data is crucial to collect feedback from the customer after the field visit or check back again to see if everything is sailing smoothly.

  1. Action Taken

Depending on the type of visit, there is a set of actions that your service engineer will perform. Firstly, it has to be categorized into predetermined fields based on your business.

For e.g Maintenance, Periodic Checkup, Repair, Replacement, Installation, Inspection etc.

This will help understand and triangulate on the top service requests a business receives from its customers. The specific part of the product that requires the service needs to be documented. This will lead to more research to fix the ones that need attention.

  1. Notes

The notes section of the field service report cannot be taken lightly. Every customer is unique and there may be a few issues or concerns that cannot be grouped into a category. Those issues or the corrective action taken will be included under the ‘notes’ for the management team to look into. This will serve as a ready reckoner for other service requests of the same kind in the future.

  1. Commercials

Depending on the type of service request, the time spent on working on the same and the tools used / purchased, there will be commercials involved. Itemised information and the commercials will be documented in the Field Service Report and it will also be acknowledged by the customer when he / she signs the same. Even if the costs are covered under the warranty, it is a good practice to document the services and the costs incurred and waive it off at the end and get it acknowledged by the customer.

  1. Follow up Action and Priority

Some service requests or visits might need a follow up action which can be scheduled on the spot or later. It has to be documented too, and the priority has to be marked by the field service agent in the report. Based on the same, the task will be allocated to the task force by the team or a workforce management application.

  1. Time Spent

The time taken to complete the service request needs to be documented in the field service report as it will give an indication of the time required to perform such tasks in the future.  It will help in better scheduling of the same. In some cases, the time spent is also a factor in deriving the commercials of the service request.

The above six points are absolutely essential for any field service report. For specific industries, some aspects may be included or excluded. Field Service Report plays a crucial role in data collection and helps the workforce automation application to derive useful metrics from the same. 

A free field service report template is given below to make you lives easy.

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