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How can you Automate Your Field Service Reporting

How to Automate Field Service Reporting

Your field workforce will be busy attending to their scheduled customers for the day and it takes a lot of time (and money) for the business to make sure the information from the field staff is accurately completed and sent back to the office. As automation is slowly stepping into every industry, and we are sure you are looking forward to automate your workforce management tools as well. If you are wondering where to start and how to go about it, this article will throw light on how to automate your field service reporting.

If you are using a cloud based field service software, your field service reporting will be completely automated. Here are the areas where the magic happens.

i) Communication

The communication between the field task force and the operations team will be seamless. All that your workforce needs is a smartphone with workforce management application  and they will be able to enter the key particulars regarding the task. Once it’s completed, they can mark it as complete. The task force’s completion will be automatically updated across all the dashboards, since it is a cloud based workforce management application.

This replaces the age old process of getting back to the office to update the spreadsheets or CRM. It saves a lot of time and money.

ii) Invoicing and Payments

Once the task is marked complete at the customer visit and the customer acknowledges with a digital signature or a confirmation, the automated system will generate the invoice and your task force can collect payments digitally from the customer.  Since everything is automated without human intervention, the margin of error in billing is close to zero. This saves a lot of time to your operations team who used to manually go through the field service report to generate the invoice for every customer after taking the services done into account. It also avoids a lot of paperwork.

iii) Feedback

Your field work force can collect instant feedback from the customers through the mobile application. Customer feedback is very crucial to understanding the scope of improvement and it gets automatically updated for the stakeholders to take note of. Since it’s a cloud based field service software, the reporting gets automatically updated.  

Real time sms and email updates can be automatically sent to the customers once the payment and feedback is collected. Several repetitive tasks can be automated by the intelligent engine without any human interaction.

iv) Analytics

“ What’s measured will always improve “

True to the above quote, the data collected by the field service team will help the managers to score the task force based on their performance and customer feedback. In case of discrepancies, it’s easier for the backend team to understand the root cause and work on fixing the inefficiencies like delivery delays, service problems or productivity issues.

When you are using a cloud based field service software, you will not just automate your field service reporting but you will also be improving the efficiency of all the teams involved in the business thereby increasing the profits naturally.

We are just a call away for a quick consultation if you need any help with automating your field workforce management.

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