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How Advanced Reporting Improves Your Business Efficiency


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Strategic Field Workforce Planning: How advanced field workforce analytics and reporting can drive your business efficiency and improve performance.

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion” – W. Edwards Deming

In today’s day and age, ignoring data is worse than merely receiving it. We create over 2.5 quintillion bytes of information every day, of which, 90% remains unstructured.

While digital savvy customers are increasingly demanding information at the speed of change, organizations are also realizing that advanced data analytic capabilities are no longer an exception, but the norm that helps trend-setters drive data-powered business decisions.

Efficiency = Knowledge + Power

Most of us have grown up learning that knowledge is power. It surely is. However, when knowledge is combined with power, true efficiency ensues.

Advanced mobile-workforce tracking system allows enterprises to leverage the benefits of knowledge and power to increase the efficiency of their on-ground workforce and improve overall business performance.

  • Comprehensive visibility of mobile workforce – who goes where and when
  • Improved communication between leaders, managers, partners and customers  
  • Streamlining of internal processes to get everyone on board   
  • Visualize and live-track performance metrics on a single dashboard
  • Identify and remove redundant  workflows
  • Better articulation of RoI metrics

Knowing what matters

Customizable reporting that is tailored to the requirements of every business function is being universally recognized as the panacea for many organizational ills. There is a need for companies to stay on top of all the numbers that matter and make informed decisions.

A field workforce automation and reporting suite offers unmatched flexibility by delivering tailored reports to track business goals and drive better decisions.

  • Optimizes workflow
  • Eliminates paperwork and manual guesses
  • Delivers strategic insights to leadership
  • Tracks assigned, incomplete, in-progress and pending tasks
  • In-depth information about every customer
  • Channel planning
  • Identifies new opportunities
  • Sets intelligent parameters
  • Optimizes queues

Use Case #1 – Optimized workflow

cloud dashboard

A cutting-edge field workforce reporting suite helps you dive deep on all facets of workflow to gain real-time insights into your business operations. These include:


  • Time of assignment
  • Workforce response time
  • Attendance and execution
  • Real-time task status
  • Route optimization
  • Alignment between mobile workforce and KPIs


Use Case #2 – On-Field Workforce Performance



As a manager, you need to track the performance of on-ground workforce in real-time, identify roadblocks, detect frauds and provide a structured feedback. By understanding vital customer parameters that drives leads, you can match the right personnel with the right customer to close in more deals.

Use Case #3 –Resolving Last-Mile Delivery Challenges  

decode last mile delivery

A mobile-workforce tracking system remains incomplete without understanding the specific needs and challenges of the workforce, particularly those relating to last-mile delivery – be it tracking deadlines, monitoring traffic or optimizing routes.

Stay ahead of all impending issues being faced by your manpower using visually appealing reports and identify the ones that need to be addressed urgently.

This will also help you train your on-ground workforce ahead of time to ensure quality service delivery.

Clearly, data-powered advanced reporting is a game changer in its own right and is an indispensable tool for effective field workforce management.  With actionable insights from on-demand reporting, enterprises can transform their performance and sharpen their competitive edge.

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