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Field Workforce Management – Opportunities and Challenges


Field Service is referred to companies who manage installation, service or repairs of systems/equipment. It can also refer to software and cloud based platforms that can also assist in the field of service management. Field Workforce Management has become mandatory for an increase in the efficiency of operations. This pressure is increasing growth in the Field Service Management (FSM) industry, which is predicted to grow to a $5.1B USD market in 2020 at a 2015-2020 CAGR of 21% according to IBM

Challenges faced in Field workforce management :

  • Meeting customer expectations: Customer expects a high quality of service and companies should make sure to establish the same.
  • Complete utilization of the resources: Monitoring field employees in order to increase productivity
  • Safety: Safety of drivers and vehicles on the road and while on the job site is a concern both for individuals and their employers
  • Cost: Monitor cost of fuel, vehicle maintenance, and parts inventory
  • Service to Sales: Driving services department to generate revenues
  • Balancing between critical tickets
  • Balancing between critical tickets, irate customers, productive employees and optimized routes makes scheduling, routing and dispatching.
  • Ensuring an accurate data for analytics

Field Workforce Management Software

There are huge potential savings for firms who use technology to streamline these operations.Field workforce management software has significantly evolved in the past 10 years. The software is integrated with the Backend systems – service management billing, accounting, parts inventory & other HR systems. The Field workforce management software companies offer software with prominent attributes and functionality may vary from one company to the next.

Mobility Solutions in Field Workforce Management

Companies are also adapting to use mobile computing to improve their communication with the field workforce, increase productivity, streamline processes, enhance customer experience and retain loyalty. This software can help to schedule and route optimization, automate vehicle location, remote vehicle diagnostics, driver logs and hours-of-service tracking, inventory management, field worker management and driver safety. The mobile software may use databases containing details about customer-premises equipment, access requirements, and parts inventory.

Mobility can :

  • Provide real-time analysis of mobile work status

  • Increase the first-time-fix rate

  • Reduce overhead or administration costs of paper-based field service management and data entry

  • Preserve e-audit trail for full regulatory compliance

  • Increase productivity

  • Shorten billing cycles


Field service management software is no longer a secret weapon wielded by enterprises; it’s a necessary tool for survival in the growing competition. If you are looking for a easy to use field workforce management software do check out trackone. We do offer a 14 day – no strings attached – Free Trial

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