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Key Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management

With the advent of internet and technology, it’s a level playing field for all the businesses and the major differentiator between the good and the great is how organizations pursue consistency, efficiency and optimization. This post summarizes the key benefits of mobile workforce management.

When you have a large field workforce and a good customer base, it is highly imperative to sign up for a mobile workforce management solution. It gives you the opportunity to use the power of technology and AI to increase the efficiency of the business.

Let us look at the key benefits of implementing mobile workforce management application for your business.

    1. Increased Accuracy


One of the key responsibilities in workforce management is the allocation of tasks to the workforce. When you use a cloud based workforce management application, the task allocation is completely automatic. It takes location data into account and allocates the tasks to the resource who is closest according to geography. This saves a lot of time and results in better work life balance for your taskforce. This level of accuracy cannot be reached by manual process and findings.

  1. Powerful Insights

Access to data and appropriate utilization of the collected data can make or break a company. A cloud based field service software can collect data, apply smart algorithms and deliver you with insightful data that will help you take better managerial decisions. Advanced data processing and analytics can help derive meaningful data through tailor made reports specific to your organizational goals. The insights can help you cut costs, increase spends in areas that require support and identify areas for operational improvements.

  1. Customer Centric Approach

“Customer is King “and the most successful companies of the world have their customers in the center of their universe. Every customer interaction is automatically updated in the workforce management application and it helps in profiling. The entire customer list along with their transactions is at your fingertips. This data coupled with the location data of the taskforce results in smarter task allocations resulting in increased customer happiness metrics. This is a key benefits of mobile workforce management

  1. One Touch Communication

The next  benefit of mobile workforce management is customer centricity. Customers love updates. Whether it is about an upcoming delivery or a return fulfilment or a service request, customers would like to stay ahead in terms of the information. Communication is the key and the perks of using a mobile workforce management application is that it happens through a one touch process. At a click of the button, you can call or message your customer.  Real time sms and email updates can be triggered from the comfort of your office. At every step of the process, you can engage with the customers and help them solve the problems faster. Your task force can also use the application to collect instant feedback from your customers after they fulfil the tasks and the dashboards are updated instantly.

  1. Increased ROI

The last but not the least benefit of mobile workforce management is Return on Investment. ROI is one metric that every business strives hard to achieve. By using a single cloud based workforce management application, your business has automated task force management, data analytics, reporting, customer communication and performance monitoring. This eliminates the cost of using multiple applications for each aspect of your business. With regards to increasing ROI of your business, the intelligent reports and real time updates can help achieve high operational efficiency and cuts down costs by reducing manual work wherever applicable. By saving time for your workforce, it saves money for your business.

We are sure you have made up your mind to bring on a workforce management application onboard and we are all ears to hear from you. Sign up for a 14 day free trial here.

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