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How To Build a Field Workforce for Pathology and Diagnostic Labs

Pathology is required in nearly 70% of all diagnoses, which explains its importance in shaping the future of healthcare in the context of a fast-paced digitalization. The digital pathology market is evolving at a burgeoning pace worldwide, driven by the growing prevalence of chronic conditions, a steady rise in lifestyle diseases as well as increased and enhanced paying capacity of the middle class. There is a growing focus on augmenting workflow efficiency and designing more robust diagnostic tools for life threatening ailments against the backdrop of poor quality of diagnostic imaging and huge costs associated with traditional diagnostic systems.

Simultaneously, advancements in technologies such as multiple fiber optic communications, robotic light microscopy, whole slide imaging, cloud storage and data sharing are driving growth in the digital pathological market. This will further be accentuated by advancements that incorporate a gamut of predictive hybrid models and intuitive API algorithms.

These future trends are inevitably expected to pose a formidable challenge to the traditional Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) which is plagued by workflow inefficiencies, error-prone human reporting, high diagnostic costs and impenetrability in remote areas.  There is an urgent need to automate testing/reporting methodologies and streamlining the process of home collections while integrating complex computing algorithms to accelerate risk assessment/disease detection.

The Solution: A Seamless Technology Powerhouse

Time is the most important component in pathology logistics. To this end, TrackOne’s AI-driven mobility workforce management system fits the bill perfectly by optimizing the management of home sample collectors.  

From transferring the collections ahead of schedule to ensuring the best-in-class conditions through seamless digitalization – our mobile workforce management suite encompasses an end-to end solution.

Customer collection requests are placed on TrackOne app via easy API integration. Appointments are managed intelligently and assigned to designated area managers.

A.I Engine, Cloud Dashboard and Workforce App – The Holy Trinity


The AI-powered self-automation BOT auto-assigns/schedules tasks based on geographic location and ETA. The all-in-one Cloud Dashboard notifies the customer through instant alerts (SMS and email) to inform them about the phlebotomist’s identity. It also allows them to track the latter, live and through the intuitive Workflow app.

In turn, the phlebotomists get their sample collection sheet on the TrackOne app in the exact order of sequence and check-in upon their arrival time at the customer’s premise.

A checklist of all the details related to the tests is displayed on the TrackOne app to simplify the tasks. The phlebotomists keeps the manager and the customer in the loop about their whereabouts and notifies them in case of any delay.

Through the dashboard, the manager gets real-time visibility into the Phlebotomists’ performance. This includes the total time spent in home collections, geo-fencing and overall customer experience. It also allows the customers to track and trace the latter in real-time and facilitates one-touch communication between the two.

Based on the types of tests done, TrackOne’s advanced payment system allows the the customer to make payment in multiple nodes based on their preferences.

Customers can also assign future on-demand requests based on the availability of phlebotomists, which are then tracked by the manager of the cloud dashboard.  


The ability to view, implement and monitor on-demand lab order requests on a user-friendly, visually attractive interface while tracking real-time performance is arguably the USP of TrackOne.

Features like an intelligent A.I. Engine, all-in-one command center and advanced data analytics render the field workforce management solution perfectly capable to tackle the growing complexities of pathology workloads and logistics.

In a country where increased healthcare spending is likely to accelerate the growth of Diagnostic and Pathology Laboratory, TrackOne is all set to be a game changer and drive future trends.


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