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5 reasons to have a cloud based Field Service Management system

We have come a long way from sending messages through ravens (GoT fan here) to fulfilling online deliveries within an hour. Our effectiveness quotient has always been on the rise and now it’s time to step up to the next level.


If you are running a business with a large battalion of field staff, your workforce management application has to be cloud based from yesterday. Yes, you read it right. Let us dive deeper into the reasons why a cloud based field service software is all you need to up your game.


  1. Efficiency from the word ‘go’
cloud reporting
Data to Insights

“ Data is the currency of the 21st century “ and the organizations that analyze and put the data to use will be the winning horse. When your mobile force management application is cloud based, all the data that gets collected is in one place and is loaded onto your cloud dashboards. It eliminates manual errors, makes the data edible, increases your productivity by saving time and best of all – helps you in decision making. That’s a lot of checking boxes to be content about.


  1. Communication with the customers
Optimised workflow
Constant Communication with Customers

If you observe the customer happiness metrics closely, communication is one area where there is always a scope for improvement. Your mobile workforce are masters of their trade, but given their busy day. They may miss communicating with the customers effectively. Customers would like to know updates about the service, reminders about the visits and more. When you are using a field force automation, you can automate the communication with customers at each step of the way. Once the service is completed, you can automate a feedback collection sequence which will gain feedback from your customers.


  1. Productivity
Productivity on the Go

While the dashboards increase your productivity, the cloud based systems have the field service management, which ensures your fleet manages their time effectively by tracking their pending jobs and completing it to your and the customers’ satisfaction. The user friendly experience encourages your fleet to update their tasks and plan their day productively. All the service requests are in one place and it cannot be missed by your task force.


  1. Seamless Tracking
decode last mile delivery
Seamless Tracking

When you have a bird’s eye view of the operations and the current data to work upon, you can take close calls comfortably. You also have live updates of everyone in your task force – thanks to geo-analytics. If the system foresees a delay in the delivery of a service due to traffic or any other issue, it brings that to your attention instantly and you can communicate the same to your customer in a few clicks.


  1. Reporting
visibility - cloud dashboard
Cloud Dashboard

When you use a cloud based field service system, your workforce can concentrate on harnessing their skillsets than spending time on filling the timesheets and endless logs to generate reports. Every task on completion gets updated in the database instantaneously and it updates the dashboards accordingly. There is no room for manual errors and no worries about the security of data and reports as it’s constantly backed up to a secure server.


We have seen just the tip of the iceberg above and there is a whole lot of advantages when you move to a cloud based field service management system.


We are just a phone call away and we can help you explore how TrackOne can transform your business. Schedule your free consultation here.


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