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Assumption :
*Avg : Field Workforce Salary INR 15000

case study

Helpr's Field Workforce Productivity Scorecard after TrackOne

With TrackOne, Avon scaled up their B2C operations and reduced order error rates by 95% per day and increased operational efficiency to 80%

Workforce scorecard

Product Features

  • Cloud Dashboard
  • Workforce App
  • A.I Engine
Cloud based field management solutions
Command Centre

An all-in-one command center to streamline and optimize your ground workforce. Vital custom health indicators and real-time notifications to help you stay connected 24/7.

Live Tracking

Track your workforce live on a map, get instant notifications about delays and create geographic boundaries to manage your workforce effortlessly.

Assign and Manage

Onboard your team, auto-assign tasks, manage their schedules and live track their productivity metrics, all in one place.

Mobile app for field service management
Workforce App

Easy-to-use, multilingual apps for your ground workforce. Helps them stay on top of the tasks assigned to them

Track and Trace

Facilitates a one-touch, two-way communication between your field staff and customers. Helps build a solid reputation for your brand.

Collect Payments

Generate invoice on the go and collect payments via Cash, Card or E-Wallets. Simple and effective payment solution.

A.I engine to allocate and manage field workforce
AI Engine

Gain operational efficiency and lower operational costs by automating allocation and management of tasks

Quality Scoring

The intelligence engine constantly ranks every member of your workforce and provides a quality score.

Automation BOT

Self learning BOT that automatically assigns and schedules tasks based on geography, ETA and quality scores.

Fraud Detection

Ensure the safety of your workforce by detecting and preventing any malicious activity or intent.

Automate, Mobilize and Transform Your Field Workforce Management